Starting your Business

Föckersperger Ventures is a premier consulting firm giving entrepreneurs the tools to network, find investors, and turn your ideas into thriving profitable businesses. We provide a catalog of potential investors who have had great success in their respected fields. At any rate, as a founder you will need to attract the right kinds of startup support. Not only do they have to meet your financial obligations, but also your business goals. Finding the right person who believes in your idea and your ability to lead the company’s future is crucial for your new company’s success.

Getting Organized

After you have found your group of potential investors, the next step is waiting. First of all, we will assist you in preparing a pitch of your carefully outlined business plans. For this we have many templates and online resources to help you assess your strategies, market, advertising, and personal goals. Additionally, ​we will also guide you in preparing for a face-to-face pitch deck. Therefore you will be using our expert advice to learn the proper presentation techniques for acquiring a successful investment. In essence, you will need to be selling yourself as a founder just as much as you will be selling your future startup. Föckersperger Ventures is committed to helping you being prepared and supported at every stage in the startup process.

Professional Mentorships

Once your business ​has been selected for a seed phase investment, it’s time to get to work. Accordingly, Föckersperger Ventures will ​guide you towards mentors whose top priority is to make the highest return on your investment. These mentors will help you tap into your business’ potential when putting those venture capital funds to use. By working closely with our consulting team, we can ensure a strong start for your future business. For more information about our offered resources and directories, get in contact with us through our contact page.