Advisory and Consulting

Premiere Business Development

Föckersperger Ventures is a premiere consulting firm providing both first time entrepreneurs and professionals alike with constructive business development tools. We operate in several promising industries, including online games & gambling, internet businesses, and emerging technologies. We believe that having a strong leadership, firm negotiating skills, and a clear business market entry strategy combined with the right advisory team can put your company a league above of the rest.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Accordingly, our team is dedicated towards making sure that your company achieves two fundamental goals. These ​are the sustainability and popularity needed to secure a successful merger offer. Furthermore, Föckersperger Ventures can guide you towards understanding and optimizing your consolidations, purchase of assets, or overall acquisitions. By negotiating in an informed and professional manner, our advisory resources can help you reach a consensus that meets both: Your future financial and business goals.

Interim Management

Obviously, negotiating the right transitional management style will greatly affect your company’s future success. We work with professionals in various online industries to bring you the most innovative, constructive, and amiable managers to meet your company’s personality. Our consulting firm is dedicated towards bringing you an interim manager that is both sustainable and respected in the industry. Therefore, you can maximize your company’s potential and profit margins.

Market Entry Strategy

Once you have acquired your new company, our online business development processes let you start on your targeted market entry strategy. Access the limitless potential of your product within the Germanics (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) market through our directory of marketing, research and partners. Whatever your future aims, Föckersperger Ventures is committed towards helping your business expand and succeed in new environments through specifically tailored advisory tips strategies.