Company Building - Consultancy


ADVISORY & CONSULTING at Föckersperger Ventures


Föckersperger Ventures provides entrepreneurs with constructive business development tools.​In short, we operate in several promising industries, including:

  • Online games & eSports
  • gambling, casino and (i)gaming
  • Cryptocurrencies like BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum) and ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings)
  • Internet businesses
  • Emerging technologies

Access the limitless potential of your product within the Germanic (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) market through our directory of marketing, research and partners.

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Investment - Föckersperger Ventures


Most importantly as a founder, you will need to attract the right kinds of startup support to meet your financial obligations and business goals.​For this reason, Föckersperger Ventures guides you through the process of connecting with the right investors. Of course we will support you in all stages of your pitch.We provide early stage venture capital financing, mentorship, and seed phase investment for your startup company.

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TEAMBUILDING & PROTOTYPING - Föckersperger Ventures


At Föckersperger Ventures, we help entrepreneurs with great ideas connect with the necessary infrastructure tools. ​As a result, this helps you to get started growing your business.​After all, we believe that your business focus should be centered on finding the right team members and online creative tools.Accordingly, we work with creative professionals eager to collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs.

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